BioProtect: Protect Your Apps Using Touch ID

Yesterday we reviewed a tweak called Virtual Home that works on iPhone 5s using Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Today I will be glad to add another important jailbreak tweak called BioProtect. This tweak allows you to protect individuals apps using Touch ID. Unlike the previous tweak we covered, AppLocker, BioProtect’s entire goal is solely based on securing individual apps by means of Touch ID.

The singular focus is immediately noticeable while using BioProtect. Its graphics, design, and preferences are all orientated towards the single goal. This makes BioProtect the best choice for those of you who are only interested in Touch ID-based app security. Have a look at our full video walkthrough, which breaks down the tweak, inside.

iPhone 5s users can purchase BioProtect from Cydia store via BigBoss repo for $2.99. The tweak is developed by Elias Limneos. Elias is responsible for one of the better jailbreak tweaks called CallBar, and when you see his name associated with a particular release, you can pretty much assure that its quality will be decent, if not spectacular.

BioProtect is considered as one of the most highly secured tweaks you can ever use on your iPhone for protecting your apps, but this time using your fingerprint sensor. 

Touch ID must be configured with at least one fingerprint. In order to access the tweak’s preference panel, you’ll need to verify your fingerprint via a scan on the Touch ID sensor.
Once in BioProtect’s settings, you’ll notice an overall kill switch, a toggle to turn on app switcher protection, vibrate on error, and a section for establishing the animation circle colour.

Have you tried BioProtect yet ?


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