Ayecon iOS 7 Theme Released For iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch [PHOTOS]

A few days ago, Winterboard new update released to support iOS 7 and the new A7 devices.. It was a matter of time until we've seen a numerous number of popular themes received updates to support iOS 7. And Ayecon for iOS 7, which was teased by the creator of the theme – Surenix – on a number of occasions has finally been given the green light and is now available for download. We’ve got more details right after the break!
Ayecon is considered as one of the best themes for your iPhone as it contains a tons of great features from the theme of App Icons, new wallpapers and UI elements. Ayecon is available right now for download from Cydia store.

You must grab Ayecon if you are a fan of Skeuomorphism.. 

Ayecon iOS 7 theme features skeuomorphic design elements, which Apple buried 6 feet in the ground with the release of iOS 7. But don’t get us wrong here, there has been great amount of work put-in in designing the theme, and if skeuomorphism is your thing, you’ll love this. But in our personal opinion, Ayecon for iOS 7 should’ve followed the more plain and flatter look of iOS 7 in general, and should have rather improved on the groundwork which Apple had already laid down with the release of iOS 7.
Ayecon for iOS 7 is available to download from the BigBoss repo in Cydia and costs $2.99 for new users, and is available as a free upgrade to those who purchased Ayecon for iOS 6.


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