Aura: An upcoming custom icon theme, supporting over 200 popular apps

The design of iOS7 presents a challenge in terms of theme making. Progress is being made, and some nifty themes have come up for iDevices. A recent addition in this regard is that Aura. The theme design of Aura is pretty descriptive and includes custom icons for over a 200 apps. The released version has been labeled as beta, but looks top notch. 

Developers who have gained access to the pre-release version have been immensely satisfied with the results. The range of custom icons is a major competence of this app. The graphics are mostly round squared edges and there is support even for Cydia icons too.

Stock apps and a mass number of third party icons are available. The contrast in all icons (except calendar) looks pretty good and the text is readable. The theme has a Zeppelin logo for Aura which adds an overall cool look.

As per information available, Aura has been submitted in the ModMyi repository. This means that the application would be available in the Cydia Store quite soon. It has also been speculated that the initial days of the release would be a sale after which the app would be sold for a yet to be disclosed routine price.


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