AppLocker Uses Touch ID To Protect Individual Apps

AppLocker isn’t a new name in the list of Cydia tweaks but its beta version was updated recently to include Touch ID support. More specifically, it is to support the locking of individual apps.

AppLocker also works on non-Touch ID devices. And using Touch ID, a password can be associated with the prompts instead of the fingerprint as well.

After downloading the tweak, you can go to the stock Settings app to configure it. There will be different sections for Application Locking, Folder Locking, Reset Password Phrase, General and More. There are options to block secure app access through app switcher and through other ways.

Check out this video review: 

The man behind this jailbreak tweak is the popular developer cjori. His latest tweet also revealed that folders feature was also to be included in the final release of the tweak, which s version 2.2.

 Since this jailbreak app makes use of the Touch ID in an intriguing way, it was justifiable for the developer to implement the price tag on it. But he has decided to offer AppLocker 2.2 at its original price and has released the update free of cost. You can download AppLocker 2.2 through the ModMyi repo for $0.99.
Let us know if you give it a try and feel free to leave comments.


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