Apple Stores To Start Repairing Broken iPhone 5c Screens Next Week

Do you have an iPhone 5c with a broken screen and want to repair it ? It looks like that Apple stores will start repairing broken iPhone 5c screens next week, according to a new report from 9to5mac. The site says that under the new practice, the company will be able to repair most displays ‘within the hour.’
So what does this means for you ? From now on, Apple Stores will no longer have to replace an entire device due to a cracked screen. And the initiative will not only help Apple save money on repairs, but it’ll also save users from having to setup new devices…

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has more details:
“Apple has begun conducting iPhone 5c screen replacements in a small number of stores in the United States over the past couple of months, but the January 20th rollout will represent a full-scale launch in all of Apple’s retail regions aside from Hong Kong and Canada.”
Gurman says that broken displays that aren’t covered under warranty will likely cost $149 per device to repair. For phones that do have AppleCare, it seems probable Apple will charge $75 per device like it does with the iPhone 5.
Apple use the above machine in fixing iPhone 5 screens. At any rate we will keep you updated with anything new.


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