Apple Stores Now Replacing Damaged iPhone 5c Screens

A few days ago, Apple promised that all of its Apple stores will start repairing broken iPhone 5c screens.. That's doesn't mean the company will give you a new device if you had a broken screen. Apple has been doing this since last year for the iPhone 5, but just recently updated the hardware and training necessary to work with the newer models. The move is the company’s latest effort to cut down on device repair and—perhaps most of all—replacement costs…
Broken displays that aren't covered under warranty will likely cost $149 per device to repair. For phones that do have AppleCare, it seems probable Apple will charge $75 per device like it does with the iPhone 5.
While most Apple stores should now be able to fix iPhone 5 and 5c models in-store, there still seems to be problems with the iPhone 5s. So for the time being, those with broken 5s and 4s units will still have to either have their phones replaced, or sent off-site for repair.

In May of last year, Apple discussed a number of changes it would be making to its AppleCare service at a staff town hall meeting, including in-store device repairs. Tara Bunch, the vice president of AppleCare, said the changes could result in annual savings of up to $1 billion.


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