Apple: iOS 7 Is Now Installed On 80% Of Compatible Devices

Since iOS 7 is here and we've seen a numerous number of users have updated their devices to iOS 7.. Today Apple updated its App Store support page for developers, telling them that iOS 7 is now installed on 80% of compatible devices, according to the company’s usage data.
That’s just a small jump from December of last year, when it was reported that iOS 7 adoption had hit 78%, but Apple said on its earnings call just a few moments ago that it’s enough to make iOS 7 the most popular OS in the world…

Here's the graphic from Apple's developers page
With more than every 3 out of 4 users running iOS 7 now, that presents a compelling case for developers to either update their current apps to support the new OS or to build for it exclusively, which we have been seeing a lot of lately.

At any rate this is a big progress and a nice achievement for Apple.  What do you think guys ?


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