AnyBadge Pro: Lets You Customize Notification Badges

Most of us are aware that jailbreaking an iPhone opens up a world of customization options, but what’s so intriguing about this aspect is that jailbreakers are able to customize the device in a way that is completely beyond imagination.

Notification badges are one of the creations that are more than useful. You can see them on app icons when they notify you of incoming alerts. Now a new jailbreak tweak has also been released that reminds you of their usefulness.

We’re talking about the new release anyBadge Pro. It’s now available at the Cydia store and it offers the route to customize notification badges. After you download it, you can change the behavior of these badges.

For example, you can replace the numbers on the notifications with emoji or text, and the Settings of the jailbreak app also allow you to customize the resting state of the badges as well as their display. You can even display text even if there are no notifications.
Also, the good thing is that there is no respringing required for the changes to take effect, so you don’t need to see the Apple logo every time you change the Setting.

You can download anyBadge Pro from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. Let us know if you try it out.


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