AirBlue Sharing for iOS 7 release, send files via Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Long time ago, there was a great tweak called Celeste for bluetooth sharing, and I do remember when I'd my iOS 7 iPhone 5 jailbroken, I found it in my purchased list and installed it but.. my iPhone 5 stuck and started a reboot loop that I'd fixed. So there hasn't been any jailbreak tweaks for bluetooth sharing on iOS 7 until now! With this awesome new tweak released today at the weekend, you'll be able to share your files via bluetooth.

AirBlue sharing is a new tweak just released today allowing you to share your files via bluetooth with any other device (running Android, OS X, Windows and other OS).

That's why we jailbreak guys, for freedom! This tweak utilizes the native bluetooth paring functionality.  It offers bluetooth transmission up to 1.7 MB per second. You can send notes, photos, videos, music, contacts and voice memos.

AirBlue Sharing is a tweak available in Cydia for $4.99 at BigBoss repo. The package is available for all devices from iOS 4.2 to iOS 7.

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