Zoom In Videos On iPhone 4 and 4s with Video Zoom Mod

iPhone 4 and 4s users were left behind when they didn’t receive the zooming feature on their devices, but the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak has them covered. This is because after Cydia has been updated for the latest evasi0n7 jailbreak, and Taig has been removed, users can take advantage of the Cydia tweak called Video Zoom Mod.

This tweak will let you zoom in before recording a video or during a video and also let you change the enlargement factor. You can change the Maximum Zoom Factor through the Settings menu after installing this tweak, and the tweak activates itself without requiring manual configuration.

The tweak can be seen functioning by opening the native Camera app and choosing the video mode. You can see the zoom slider by pinching on the screen, and it’s similar to the one that is presented in the Image capture mode. Swiping the slider or pinching on the screen lets you adjust the zoom level before or after recording the video.

This is a great tweak that brings the video zooming compatibility on older devices. You can grab it from BigBoss repository has a free of cost download, and let us know your comments about it.


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