Zeppelin Gets Updated To Support iOS 7

That's correct guys, after we told you about HiddenSettings7 jailbreak tweak and how it gives you the ability to access Apple's hidden internal springboard menu on iOS 7. Today we are here again to tell you that popular Zeppelin tweak has just updated to support iOS 7.

Looks amazing right ? For those who don't know what is Zeppelin, it is a free jailbreak tweak which replaces your AT&T, Verizon or any other carrier logo with a group of custom logos like Batman logo, Superman and you can install more logos from Cydia store as you wish.
Zeppelin tweak is developed by Alex Zielenski, and right now he is still finalizing the new theme format for iOS 7 logos, although you can still install your own custom logos manually using iFile. Navigate to /Library/Zeppelin and add your logos in this format.

It is important to understand that any manual changes you make to the iOS filesystem could potentially cause problems, so it is highly recommended that you always backup your device to iTunes or iCloud beforehand. Zeppelin for iOS 7 is available as a free download on Cydia by adding the repository repo.alexzielenski.com to your sources. The update should also be available soon in the ModMyi repo. Note that this tweak, like any other tweak, will not work with A7 devices.


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