Top 50 Siri Voice Commands To Help You Get The Most From Apple's Voice Assistant

Since Apple introduced Siri in 2011 for iPhone 4S, it was a big deal for me and for a many people. Apple improved Siri in iOS 7 by adding a lot of new language support and make it more intelligent. But most of you guys can't use Siri in the right way.. So what should you do ?

The guys of PhoneBuff, recognizing that somebody somewhere needed to cut Siri a break, duly have obliged by putting together a great video highlighting 50 different voice commands Siri is capable of responding to. You won’t have tried many of them, and you never know, after watching the video through, you may just remember the early days when you loved the stuttering, computerized tones of the faceless little lady.

PhoneBuff guys have got about 50 Siri voice commands that will help you to get the most from Apple's voice assistant, check out their video:  

Will Siri’s new found knack for solving queries mean we finally ditch traditional Googling? Probably not just yet, but with cars soon to become reliant on Siri’s powers, expect even more progress to be made on the technology in the next two years.

What do you think ? Is it useful for you ? 


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