This Is How The Facebook Video Ads Will Bombard Your Timeline

Last week, Facebook for iOS received an update that gave users the ability to play videos directly in the timeline. According to a post on Facebook for business news page, the social giant explains how these videos work (and the advertisements off course), and gives an example as well.

The update, mostly filling the advertisers and content partners of Facebook, also explains the reason why this feature was introduced. The ads are purported as a rich format to tell stories for advertisers, as the company believes that motion, sight and sound are an integral component of the best marketing campaigns.

The implementation looks good, and the sound is not going to play just if the video is in the view. Only tapping the vids will play the sound. After a video ends, there will be more videos the user will be presented with… the window of opportunity to get ads in the way.
We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Would you be OK with these sorts of advertisements, particularly when you get free access to the social network (and what if the timelines get filled with auto-playing ads later on?).

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