There Are About 1 Million Apps Available In The US App Store

Almost everyday I see that there is newly released apps have landed in the App Store, and that makes me wonder how many apps available in the worldwide App Store ! Back to October iPad event, Apple announced that it had crossed the 1 million app milestone in its worldwide App Store. This meant that, not counting duplicates, it had over 1 million apps available around the globe at that time.
Guess what ? Apple has just announced passing the same milestone here in its US App Store. According to data from app discovery firm Appsfire, there are now more than 1 million live apps in the App Store. 1,006,557 to be exact at the time of this writing…

MacRumors was the first to spot the landmark:
“Apple’s U.S. App Store has reached one million live apps, according to data from app discovery platform Appsfire. Our own app discovery site AppShopper lists the same one million milestone. [...]
Apple has approved a total of approximately 1,439,451 apps since the App Store opened in 2008 and over the course of the year, has been creeping towards the million milestone. Of the 1 million apps available for download, more than half a million are available for Apple’s iPad, and over 900,000 are available for the iPhone. The company has now paid out more than $13 billion to App Store developers.”
Probably this is the first time Apple surprise us with such amazing numbers. In March of 2012, it announced that it had hit the 25 billion app download mark. And in May of this year, it celebrated its 50 billionth app download.


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