Teleza Adds Dual SIM Functionality On Your iPhone and Android Devices

Smartphones that feature Dual-SIM have a charm of their own, but they are quite rare in most of the western countries. James Sung realized this notion and that’s why he has released a new product that goes by the name Teleza. 

The man behind the dual SIM peel case made this hardware for connecting with a tablet or a smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. According to the advertisement, it’s a ‘Dual SIM Remote’.

This new hardware has two different slots for the SIM card, so users can place it on their smartphone, making the unique calling numbers total 3. Imagine the benefit you’ll receive when traveling out of the country; you don’t need to unlock your device.

Apart from adding additional calling IDs on the device, it will also act as a remote control of the camera o the attached device. So it can be used to talk shots from a distance of 10 meters. Also, it can turn into a media playback device to play, pause and skip the media being played without holding the Android or iOS device.

There are two versions of Teleza; DSR iPhone (will work on iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 5c) and DSR+ Android and Tablet (for android phones and tablets).

Teleza is currently in beta, but will begin shipping in January 2014. The price tag is $129.99 and further information is available at


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