Siri Is More Accurate In iOS 7 Than In Previous Versions

Gene Muster’s latest report on Siri says that that the digital voice assistant has seen improvements with the iOS 7 release, citing that it can now interpret questions in a better way and also performs better in noisy environments.

An excerpt from the report:

MacRumors has Munster’s report:
“The primary improvement between Siri in iOS 6 and iOS 7 came from its performance in noisier areas, where Siri was able to translate better through a noisy environment (94% vs. 83% correct in Aug iOS 6). Based on our testing, iOS 7 Siri’s net ability to answer questions (factors in questions not correctly understood) improved to 79% from 77% in August with iOS 6.”
And here's Siri report card:
The source also says that the improvements are in Apple’s favor as it looks to reduce dependence on Google products. In the latest tests, only 4% of the answers were assisted by Google, while 27% depended on the search engine last fall.
 It looks like Siri has significantly improved. Munster also improved the grading on search accuracy from D to C+, and this grade was given after a few comparisons.

Apple released iOS 7 back in September with a lot of improvements in Siri, and it seems like it’s living up to the name.

Do you find Siri more accurate in iOS 7 than its previous versions?


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