Ryan Petrich Finally Release Beta Of New FlipControlCenter Tweak

Yesterday I reviewed a jailbreak tweak called CCSettings, the tweak is useful in adding a lot of important toggles to your iPhone's control center like GPS/ Cellular data/Reboot and more... But the only thing that I hated in this tweak, it was a little laggy on my device.

If you think CCSettings little buggy for you, let me please introduce for you FlipControlCenter a well known tweak developed by the well known hacker and developer Ryan Petrich, the guy behind many awesome projects..

FlipControlCenter allows you to customize the Control Center in iOS 7 by adding new toggles to the menu, and rearranging them. And now you can try it yourself because Petrich has released a free beta of the tweak…

The tweak is very good, but remember it is still in BETA, which means you may face some bugs while you are using it.

In order to download FlipControlCenter tweak, you will have to add Ryan petrich's repo: (http://rpetri.ch/repo).

So what do you prefer to use FlipControlCenter or CCSettings ?


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