Razer Kazuyo Will Compete With Other MFi Controllers

Several companies are working on third-party iPhone game controllers, and now the popular company Razer has joined the list, as evident from a leak from the Evleaks Twitter account. Although there is no verification to back up the images, but the source has a reputation of releasing reliable information over the years.

The controller goes by the name Razer Kazuyo. It fits into the middle compartment and therefore the iPhone display can be adjusted to any angle. The right hand side has four buttons while the left hand side has a directional pad.

If this product becomes a reality, it is going to face competition from PowerShell by Logitech and Ace Power by MOGA.

Although there are still few years to go till gamers give a wide berth to consoles and shift towards mobile gaming completely, these developments are pointing towards the right direction.

The controller also suggests that there must be some kind of tactile feedback should be present to enhance the gaming experience.

If Kazuyo does get released, it’s going to be an interest battle in the MFi controller market. Who do you think has the upper hand at this point? Is it even a good strategy to release controllers for iPhone?


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