Popular Barrel Jailbreak Tweak Gets Updated To Support iOS 7

In case you are an old guy in jailbreak scene, probably you heard about a well known jailbreak tweak called Barrel, this tweak is considered as  the flagship jailbreak tweak. It’s the tweak that represents jailbreaking as a whole.

Barrel is the type of tweak that you use to convince skeptical friends that they should jailbreak, and often the end result is that they do. No, Barrel isn’t a tweak that will improve the usability of your device, such as biteSMS’ quick reply. It’s not a practical release like iFile, or Safari Download Manager. But it’s still one of the first tweaks that come to mind when a new jailbreak arrives.

Barrel tweak finally updated to support iOS 7 and it is working greatly on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, check out this video: 

Barrel is a very beautiful tweak that insert awesome transitions between pages on the iPhone’s Home screen. The transitions happen whenever you swipe between a page, and they can range from a subdued fade-in, to the radical-looking snake transition that just happens to be my favorite.

Barrel includes well over a dozen different transitions to choose from, and if you can’t decide on one, you can opt for the random select transition that will keep you guessing with every page swipe. The great thing about Barrel is that transitions can be changed on the fly, so there is no need to respring.

Aaron Ash, the creator of Barrel, is offering the tweak on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.99. I firmly believe that Barrel is worth your hard earned money. Chances are you already own it, but if you’re new to the jailbreak community, or you somehow looked it over, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

So how do you find Barrel tweak on iOS 7 ?


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