New 12.9 Inch iPad In Fall, iPhone 6 in May 2014

The rumor of a larger iPad has been quite for some time, but it should be noted that the iPhone 5s a slightly larger display than iPhone 5, and now reports point towards the fact that the next iPhone display will take a turn towards the sizes Android and Windows phone offer. 

Now DigiTimes has given out new dates for the next iPhone and next iPad. They say that the next iPhone can come as early as in May 2014, while the next iPad can release in Fall 2014. It should be noted that the source has made some accurate predictions in the past, so this prediction has a slight possibility.

The source also highlights Apple’s deal with Quanta Computer to produce a 12.9 inch display iPad, which would go one up on the smaller MacBook Air. Perhaps both of them can become a single product in the future? It was not predictable till Jobs was there, but with the iPad Mini in the market, who knows?

However, the iPhone with the bigger display will be the talk of the town next year, and as DigiTimes calls it, the Next Big Thing can perhaps land around in May. Do you think it is practically possible? Or would Apple enjoy the gold coloring and touch ID praise for longer?

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