Mobile Substrate Gets Updated To Support iOS 7 And ARM64

Most of you probably couldn't download many tweak on their jailbroken devices because Mobile Substrate didn't update to support iOS 7. This problem only appeared on newer iPhones and iPads. Today Saurik the father of Cydia has just announce via Twitter that a new version of Mobile Substrate is out with support for iOS 7 and ARM64. The update will allow developers to update their jailbreak tweaks to work with the newer hardware and software.
This is a very big thing for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c users, because any tweak they have downloaded either it crash the device or doesn't make any effect. 

Here's the tweet from Saurik: 
Now the ball is essentially in the developer’s court. We’ll still need to exercise some patience in waiting for them to update their respective tweaks to utilize the new Substrate, but this is certainly a major hurdle cleared for them as they continue to look at iOS 7 and Apple’s new A7-chipped devices.

You can make the new update from Cydia store... And don't forget to tell us how do you find your device after updating Mobile Substrate. 


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