iWatch To Include Wireless Charging Feature [RUMOR]

Apple’s iWatch will include a wireless charging option according to a reliable Chinese source. The release of the watch has been slated for October 2014. If this is a reality, it would release around the launch of iPhone 6.

C Technology reports that the iWatch can charge wirelessly a meter away from the charging pad, but this doesn’t follow the Apple Standard. However, watchers don’t always go with Apple’s comments, as Steve Jobs said Apple would never make an iPod that is capable of playing videos or a tablet device. He also said small-sized tablets wouldn’t be a hit.

The patent filings also call for inductive and realistic methods of charging. A solar power mention stands out and it can work without converters. The Chinese source further goes on tho say that iWatch prototypes include 100mA battery, while Galaxy Gear didn’t perform well even after 315mA battery life.

Bloomberg’s report in the first quarter revealed that Apple aims to make the iWatch last 4 to 5 days between the charging period, but prototypes are calling for a day or two at the most.

Check out this video:

The source notes that the screen size is undecided at the moment, but DisplaySearch thinks it can be 1.3 inches for females and 1.7 inches for males.

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