iPhone Or iPad Not Charging With Lightning Cable ? Try This Trick

Charging your iPhone has evolved to be a reflex action of sorts. With evolving iOS, it is a task which you would find yourself doing more often on the account of horde of apps that have emerged. Battery draining apps ensure that you have to charge your smartphone more and more.

Routinely users of iPhone 5 would notice that after a year of buying the smartphone, the charging isn’t as same as it used to be. A simple correlation can be drawn that the lightening chargers are not providing enough juice to the battery. It has been found that these connectors may find some inefficiency when it comes to charge delivery to the battery.

On a good note, this issue can be easily resolved and there is no cost behind it. The solution for the lightening cable issue comes from a recent threat that was created on Reddit. As per the post, the issue can be resolved by fixing the proverbial ‘charge resistant’ iPhone 5.

This fixing is done by using a toothpick and using it to remove all of the lint in the lightening port. This lint is routinely added to our phones when we carry it in our trouser pockets. This lint is responsible for the lightening port not fitting properly. All of this makes a lot of sense.

The approach has been tested and resulted in a favorable outcome, resulting in the charge issue being resolved. Users of iDevices of the fifth generation should test it.

(Source: Reddit)


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