iPhone 5s (unlocked) prices around the world

Europe and specific Asian countries have consumers who buy off-contract iPhones at full prices, but U.S. is the place where unlocked, contract-free iPhones are sold at lowest prices. This is because in other counties, import duties and other factors are added to the final price. 

This post will shed light on a chart that shows iPhone prices around the globe, in terms of percentage of GDP and absolute prices. It has been made by MobileUnlocked, who tracked down iPhone 5s prices in 47 different countries, in their native currencies and also including sales taxes. Then Open Exchange Rates were used to convert those prices into British pounds and U.S. dollars. 

The result? 
  • China has the highest price of the iPhone 5s, as it constitutes 9.55 percent of the GDP. 
  • The cheapest country is U.S., where the price contributes to 1.15% of average GDP per-capita. 
  • And when it comes to taking out a specific percentage of annual salary to buy an unlocked iPhone, consumers have to take out 22.3% in Vietnam, 19.8% in India, 18.2% in Jordan and 18% in Philippines to buy a contract-free iPhone. 
  • As for the U.S. and U.K, it requires 1.4% and 2.4% respectively. 
  • The retail price is also cheapest at $707 in U.S., include Californian sales tax. 
  • In Jordan, the iPhone is most expensive, translating into $1,091. 
NOTE: iPhone prices vary because of taxes in different countries.

According to Forbes writer Tim Worstall

The prices used include sales taxes (and for the US, Californian ones are used for the whole country) and those obviously vary in each taxing jurisdiction. Then there are also various places that have import taxes on electronics.

He goes onto say:
No one at all goes out and sells something at $501. This might not be entirely rational but it is the way we humans see things, that $499 is much cheaper than $501. Certainly, we all act as if it’s much more than $2 cheaper. So price points are going to be at $499, perhaps $489, $449, instead of $451.
You can get interactive access to the chart the website of the source. The prices are taken from authorized resellers and Apple online stores, and all are stated for the iPhone 5s 16GB.


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