iPhone 5s Crocs Design Case In The Works (Images)

Apple unveiled two new custom cases for iPhone 5s and 5c back in September. The former’s case was the typical latter, while the 5c case had something new to look at, courtesy of the crocs type design.

However, the 5c’s case had the label of the iPhone show through the rear case. Interestingly, Apple is also planning for a similar case for the 5s according to a new report.

9to5Mac cites an excerpt of Michael Andrew:
“But what many didn’t know was Apple actually planned the exact same case design for the iPhone 5/5S, before backtracking and offering the premium leather options instead, deeming it to be a safer choice (as opposed to the iPhone 5C case’s riskier design) for what they thought would be the more popular iPhone out of the two. [...]
A couple days ago, a source within Apple agreed – very kindly – to pass on one of prototype cases to me. This case, if Apple had decided to release the iPhone 5/5S version of the iPhone 5C case, would’ve had been in its final stages of being a prototype, just right before the mass production. In other words, the case you’re about to see is as real as it gets.”
The tech writer says that there are some difference between the case in making and the case available. The yet to be released case has 6*5 gird of holes, not 7*5. Also, there’s no silicon present at the bottom or top of the case.
As for the legitimacy of these photos, it should be noted that Andrew has previously worked with Reuters and AllThingsD, so they just might hold some weight.

Regardless, the images give a good idea of what the cros-design case would look on the 5s. What do you think about it? 


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