ioPhone To Compete With iPhone 5c knock offs?

Looks like there’s no stopping iPhone 5s and 5c knock-offs. We have already reported about the Chinese versions that were running Android OS, and now there’s another one on the horizon.

It’s the ioPhone – a knock-off of the iPhone 5c. It comes with a plastic shell same as on its original counterpart and is available in white, blue, red, yellow and green.

This time around, it’s made by a Japanese manufacturer rather than Chinese; Iosys. The physical details, buttons and everything else is exactly the same. The handset is going to be on sale today and even has a unique promotional video on offer:

Wow, that was truly something new.

The ioPhone comes with Android 4.2 and has a two-megapixel camera. The display resolution is 480*854 at 254 pixels per inch. The handset also features 512 MB RAM, 4GB in-built storage and is priced at $150.

On the other hand, iPhone 5c has a retina display at 640*1136 pixel resolution, 8 megapixel camera, 16 GB internal SD memory and 1 GB RAM.

iPhone 5c has dimensions of 59.2×8.97×124.4 while ioPhone has dimensions of 61.8×9×127.5mm.

Don't worry guys, this is just China, a country where everything is possible.

What do u think about this knock-off? Feel free to leave your intriguing thoughts below.


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