How To Stop Stretching & Resizing Of Background Images in iOS 7

Wallpapers on iOS 7 work differently when it comes to automatic resizing of images. When used as wallpapers, they can suffer from an extended stretch or a lot of pixels in the background and lock screen images.

1. For screen resolution

Pick the accurate pixel size wallpaper for the screen, as this will put an end to automatic resizing. Also, you must disable parallax (refer to point 2) before performing this action. Here are the pixel details:
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod Touch: 1136×640 pixels
  • iPad Retina: 2048×2048 pixels
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4S: 960×640
For preserving movement effects, you can do with an additional 200 pixels.

2. Turn of Parallax to disable movement of wallpapers

Parallax can lead to automatic wallpaper resizing (zoom out or zoom in) to adjust background movement. You can turn it off by heading over to Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion – Turn the toggle to ON.

This will also make your device faster and save battery life.

3. Screenshot to wallpaper

This involves using the iOS screenshot as automatic wallpaper. Here’s how this is done: 

1. Open image to use as wallpaper. Tap the image to hide sharing buttons and other features.
2. Press the home and power button together to resize according to the resolution.
3. Take the image from the camera gallery and set as wallpaper.

The zooming behavior may be addressed in a future iOS update by Apple, or resolved by another means, though it’s not really clear that the wallpaper resizing thing is a bug, and it may turn out to be just a different way of handling wallpapers that takes some getting accustomed to.

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