How To Quickly Disable Facebook Auto Video Playback In News Feed On iPhone

As a Facebook user, you probably noticed that the company has released many great updates for its application for both iPhone and iPad. But there is only one noticeable feature that many users complained about it, the feature is in any videos in your News Feed automatically start playing as you scroll through, and although this will be useful to some, it will no doubt be of major annoyance to others.
If you think this feature is annoying for you and you wish to disable it, we've a solution for it, here's how to disable Facebook Auto video playback in news feed on your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch: 

STEP 1: Go to Settings----> Facebook Application----> Settings.

STEP 2: Now you should see an "Auto-Play on Wi-Fi only" which you will want to toggle ‘on’ if you don’t want videos to begin playing on cellular data. If you change your mind at some point and decide you do wish to have videos automatically play back on your News Feed all the time, cellular and Wi-Fi both, just repeat the above steps again.
This will help you to stop auto-play videos on your iPhone while checking your news feeds.... What do you think guys ? 

[Image via RedmondPie]


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