How To Make iOS 7 App Icons Look Like iOS 6

Do you hate the new design of iOS 7 and don't like the colored iOS 7 app icons on your iPhone ? Do you want to get back these nice old days back to your iPhone without needing to downgrade ? Well from now you will be able to make iOS 7 stock app icons look like iOS 6 by using this new recently released jailbreak theme called "iOS 6 Theme For iOS 7".

See everything looks the same except the stock applications looks like iOS 6. 

Check out this video review for the theme: 

iOS 6 Theme For iOS 7 is a Winterboard release that replaces the stock iOS 7 app icons with those from earlier firmware

After installing the iOS 6 Theme from Cydia, you’ll need to venture into the WinterBoard app and enable the iOS 6 theme. Please be aware that if you’re installing WinterBoard for the first time, it will require you to reboot your device. After rebooting, you’ll need to perform the Mobile Substrate reinstall to get the jailbreak tweaks and apps working correctly.

Once you install the theme and enable it from Winterboard, your device will respring and you will find all your stock iOS 7 apps changed to iOS 6 apps... Enjoy bro :).

If you want to give the iOS 6 theme a shot, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo and download it now for free


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