How To Keep Your MacBook Awake While Its Lid Is Closed

We recently covered a utility for Mac that removes the clutter for the menu bar in Mac, and now there’s a new menu bar utility that keeps the MacBook Air awake, while its lid is closed. It goes by the name NoSleep.

This utility is quite simple in nature and can be used with a single click on its icon. However, there are a lot more features that can be customized.

First check out this video walkthrough: 

After downloading the file and extracting the app from it, you can drag and drop it in the Applications folder. Also note that NoSleep can’t be found on the Mac App Store. You wil then see a ‘Zz’ button icon on installation and launch.

In tools preferences, you can fine tune settings for NoSleep to work on battery power and AC power as well as both. A single click on the NoSleep menu bar icon will also keep the Mac awake, regardless of the source of power.
After the utility functions, you can close the lid and your files, video and anything else on download will continue with the process. The screen also goes dark which saves precious battery life.

The developer Pavel Prokofiev made this utility extension after disappointed options for native options in case of closed lids. You can download it for free and also donate to the developer if you like.

Looks handy?


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