GeoHot is back to Twitter, congratulating evad3rs

If you were paying attention when we informed why evad3rs released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 sooner rather than later, you might have red that geohot was in one of the other teams that was working on the jailbreak.

He was been quite for a while, but something was expected from him soon… And that’s exactly what has happened. The first person to unlock the iPhone is back on the microblogging platform Twitter. His Twitter handle is now @tomcr00se, which off course shouldn’t be confused with Tom Cruise.

The first tweet under the Twitter account came back in August. And we’re not sure whether he is here temporarily and has something up his sleeves. Nevertheless, he did send out congrats to the evad3rs for releasing the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.

George Hotz, should be noted, was also close to releasing the jailbreak, the reason why evad3rs rushed it out.

What do you think?

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