GeoHot iOS 7 untethered jailbreak - The full story!

As told you before, GeoHot is back! At least on Twitter. But the new here is that GeoHot was willing to release iOS 7 untethered jailbreak before evad3rs team, surprised, aren't you?

GeoHot wasn't playing this game for a while (jailbreak game), however, he wanted win and release iOS 7 untethered jailbreak before the others.

According to this new writeup, he show a picture (below) showing a jailbroken iPhone 5s with iOS 7 running on it.

for high-quality: here

GeoHot is saying that he was working with some Chinese hackers to release a free jailbreak but evad3rs released first.

He's pointing to his Twitter account as a reference too, you can see this tweet from Dec 8, 2013 showing a bootrom exploit:

He explained:
That jailbreak overlapped this one 80%, partly due to leaks, but mainly due to the exploits and methodology being the obvious choice(great minds, well you know), meaning the exploits won't be usable next time. No more jailbreaks ever?
It looks like GeoHot is getting away from the jailbreak scene again, and focusing on rap songs instead!

Oh, and that's why evad3rs released evasi0n very quickly yesterday ;)


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