FileMaker 13 On The Horizon According To This Screenshot

FileMaker has enjoyed success in recent times. After FileMaker 12, there has been a long wait for the 13th version. There’s news today that FileMaker 13 was up for a while on Apple’s UK Online Store, but Apple took it down as soon as MacRumors took its screenshot.

It was listed to ship in 24 hours, but there hasn’t been an announcement so far, or even a PR from Apple.

If the screenshot has any indication, there will be a new Share button FileMaker 13’s toolbar and it will bring iPad and iPhone apps for iOS 7. In fact, 4 different versions were mentioned on the UK listing for FileMaker 13;

1. Web, PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad
2. Education and Non-profit
3. Advanced version for web, PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.
4. Advanced version for education and non-profit.

Although Apple owns FileMaker Inc, it functions as an independent company. It’s a pure database system that can also utilize a single sever or client, and the app can import/export data in any format as well as use PHP in case of web connectors.

It can also be tailored as the user demands, and the new apps are likely to enhance its appeal. FileMaker 13 may arrive sooner than we think.


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