Females Find iPhone 5c Better Than iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s might be the most popular handset around, but there’s an interesting stat to note. Benedict Evans made use of Facebook advertisement data and concluded that iPhone 5s is the most popular buy, but it is also hard to come by compared to iPhone 5c… Most of us are already aware of that.

However, as Evans dug deeper, he found out using the numbers that iPhone 5c is quite popular among the female gender. Further information reveals that iPhone 5c is owned by twice the number of women when men and the number difference are even greater when it comes to iPhone 5s.

The probable reason is the available of the 5 color options in the 5c. But Evans didn’t comment on the apparent reason why the 5c appealed to the female gender, letting the numbers talk for themselves. It would have been helpful if Facebook data could derive the reason as well.

Check out this chart:
There have been reports on how the iPhone 5c was selling slowly and it was even purported as somewhat a failure, with the limelight completely taken by the iPhone 5s. However, two million sales in the last 3 months, according to the data, aren’t bad at all.
What do you think? Why do the females dig the iPhone 5c, apart from the color reason?


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