Edit Tweets Feature Coming Soon To Twitter

It’s being reported that Twitter will soon release a feature that will allow tweeters to edit published tweets. It has even been purported to be a top priority, as Twitter aims to improve it service.

Edited tweet will become visible on the feed of the user and on the feed of re-tweeters according to sources. Facebook has already introduced such a feature back in September.

According to Matthew Keys:
Once a user publishes a tweet, an “edit” feature will be present for a limited amount of time (Twitter is still currently working out the length of time the feature would be available).
The feature would allow a user to make “slight changes” to the contents of a tweet, such a removing a word, correcting a typo or adding one or two additional words.
This is going to be pretty helpful to say the least, and would provide a seamless way to correct mistakes, without deleting a tweet that has gone viral already.

However, it can also be used to display ads for unethical gains later on, but that might not be the case as Twitter has been developing an algorithm that can detect the entire change. The sources say there it may be weeks or months before this algorithm are completed. Another possibility is to limit the characters that can be edited.

Would you like to see the edited tweet feature hit your accounts? Do you regularly make typos/mistakes on Twitter? 


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