Check Out Mac Pro 2013 Unboxing Video

A few days ago we reported to you that Apple has just pushed its freak'n awesome Mac Pro 2013 to its online stores and it is available for pre-order. The new Mac Pro looks awesome as usual, but it is very expensive and anyone who purchased it will probably love to unbox it and upload the video on its YouTube channel.

Starting at $2,999 for the entry-level model – if you can call it that – Apple is also offering a higher-spec version that it will sell to you for a thousand bucks more. For the high price, you do get plenty of power, and if you’re looking for the ultimate experience on an OS X machine, you won’t get a stronger performance than the new Mac Pro.

Check out the video: 

The video shows the black new Mac Pro with its amazing design..

What do you think guys ? Are you going to buy it ?

(Source: FCP)


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