CCSettings: Add Useful Toggles To Control Center On iOS 7

After we reported to you that Eva3drs released a new Evasi0n 7x Untether package which fixes a lot of things, I heard a lot of users thanking me and telling me that jailbreak tweaks are working on their jailbroken devices (Probably not iPhone 5S/5c).  Today however I've decided to write about a new recently released jailbreak tweak called CCSettings, this tweak add a group of toggles to your iPhone's Control Center on iOS 7.

This tweak add a lot of useful toggles that you probably need it to Control Center. Once install the tweak on your iPhone, there is nothing you should do. You'll find new toggles available at the Control Center like Cellular data/GPS/Rotation/Turn Off your device/Respring/Mute and other toggles...
CCSettings tweak is available for FREE at Cydia store via BigBoss repo... If it is working on your device, let us know how do you find it.

NOTE: You may find it laggy sometimes.. But a newer version is coming soon, don't worry. 


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