Bartender; Take Control Of Your Mac Menu bar

There’s one problem that has been haunting Mac users since long; the problem of having multiple items placed in the menu bar. This can easily clutter the right top of the screen, and they can easily take place of the menu items reserved for apps on the left.

This can lead to more issues, as you would feel shy showing off the menu bar to the folks, and wonder the situation you’ll be in when taking screenshots. It would be anything else than a pretty sight… Period!

That is why you need a utility assistant created especially for Mac. We discovered the most useful one that goes by the name Bartender; a utility app that lets you make the menu bar neat and tidy without much effort. In the end, you can see a sleek menu bar that is similar to the one comes when the stock OS X software is installed for the first time.

Here’s the video showing the utility in action

The utility works with all items in the menu bar, including the notification bar and spotlight. IT also allows users to move, rearrange and hide icons. You can also decide to present items when there are updates available, and can perform menu other functions. This is perhaps the ideal solution to take complete control over the menu bar.

If Menu Bar sounds interesting to you, you can grab it for free as its available at no-cost for a four week trial. The official price is $15 for users who become affectionate.
And finally you can add a lot of menus options and features to your Mac menu bar by going to Bartender settings preference
 You can download it from the official website for $15... Enjoy all !


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