Apple Releases New OS X 10.9.1

Great news for Mac users, Apple has just released a shiny new update awaiting for you to download: OS X 10.9.1. It’s an bug fix update that brings performance and stability improvements to Apple’s desktop offering. Apple recommends that all current users of Mavericks update to OS X 10.9.1.
Two weeks ago Apple released its last 10.9.1 beta, and contains no new surprises for those of you following the beta trail. Have a look inside for the full change log.

Included with the update are the following changes:
  • Improved support for Gmail in OS X mail, and fixes for users with custom Gmail settings
  • Improves the reliability of Smart Mailboxes and search in Mail
  • Fixes an issue that prevented contact groups from working properly in Mail
  • Resolves an issue that prevented VoiceOver from speaking sentences that contain emoji
  • Updates Shared Links periodically when open in the Safari Sidebar
Again, there are literally no differences between this version and the last seeded beta release as far as features go. It will be interesting to see if this release totally clears up the ongoing issues that Gmail users are experiencing with the Mail app. Let us know what you find after you install the update.


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