ZeptoLab Posts New Teaser Trailer For Cut The Rope 2

Cutting ropes is a very wonderful thing, and iPhone gamers probably fall in love with Cut The Rope game that developed by Russia-based developer ZeptoLab. In September the company confirmed that they are working on the second part of the well known game Cut The Rope- a sequel to their popular physics-based puzzler, and the fourth title in the Cut the Rope series.

It looks like that the second part of the game will named "Cut The Rope 2: Om Nom's Unexpected Adventure" And yesterday, the folks at ZeptoLab posted its first teaser: a 20-second clip starring Om Nom…

The brief clip doesn’t really tell us much—it’s just Om Nom sailing through a blue sky, dangling from his iconic rope as pieces of candy float by. The hashtag ‘OmNomIsMissing’ at the end may be a clue though.

Here’s the accompanying text from the above clip:
Oh my candy! Om Nom is missing! Om Nom, everyone’s favorite candy-eating monster and hero of the Cut the Rope series of mobile games, has disappeared. Based on this footage, detectives say that it appears that Om Nom was swept away by either a very large bird, or, more likely, a hot air balloon. Can you help us bring him home? We need to find Om Nom in time for the launch of Cut the Rope 2. Please let us know if you see him! #omnomismissinghttp://cuttherope.net/cuttherope2
For those who don't know, Cut The rope first part have been downloaded more than 400 million times, and enjoy 60 million monthly users. All together, players have cut more than 60 billion ropes.


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