Yoink for Mac Makes Good Use Of Drag and Drop Functionality

While working on a computer, numerous things can be a nuisance. Attempting to drag and drop folders while operating among numerous windows, full screen apps and folders would also fall in this category. This problem has been simplified for Mac with the help of Yoink to drag and drop on OS X.

When we came across this app in the Mac App Store some time back, we wondered of its utility. However, after these drag and drop issues, we tested them out. It was then that that the benefit of this little tool dawned upon me.

Installing Yonik On Your Mac

The installation bit is pretty easy and after that you can test it. When you initiate the click and drag motion, the Yoink pop up folder would appear. This allows you to temporarily place the files here, which can be then be sent to their desired places. This not only saves time but also saves the hassle of sorting and toggling between windows.

Yoink has a full fledge setup options that can be explored to good use. It provides good options, such as the ability to choose the desired location of the temp folder. You can also shift the position of the window pop up. Short cuts can be initiated to quickly launch the Yoink pop up folder.

Not only for multiple folders, but this app is also a utility while working with full screen apps. In full screen apps such as Final Cut Pro, you may need to drag and drop files on a routine basis. In such cases, Yoink would improve your workflow speed.

Check out Yonik's full video walk through:

The functionality of the app is pretty great and found no bug while using it. The developer has given good thought to the utility and creates an excellent support system. Available for $3.99 at the Mac App Store, Yoink’s true potential can only be understood when you use it.

Have you already used Yonik on your Mac ? 


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