This Web Tool Allows You To Track Retina iPad Mini Availability In The US

Yesterday we reported to you that Apple has finally released its iPad Mini with retina display and it is available in some areas in US. Now if you want to know where is the iPad Mini with retina display is being sold in the US, probably you will need this web tool.

Luckily, a new web-based tracking tool has popped up that makes this process a little less tedious. Built by the team behind, the tool offers a snapshot of Retina iPad mini availability for a number of Apple Stores across the US…

From (via AppleInsider):
“Availability of new iPad minis at US Apple Stores based on our latest checks. The number in each grid cell is minutes since that iPad mini/Apple Store combination was last checked. You can click on the cell contents to check current status. Green means it was available at the last check, red means it was not. White means we have not checked that combination (i.e. no one has requested a check of that combination).”
The site says it uses a “publicly accessible XML service on the Apple site” to check inventory—so there’s no scraping going on. That’s kind of a big deal considering Apple shut down another web tracking tool last week for scraping its web store.

Apple launched the iPad mini with Retina display early Tuesday morning. The tablet starts at $399.

This web tool is very useful for people living in the US, probably this tool will help them to reach their destination.  


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