This is what the iPhone 6 could best look like

The last couple of months have been marked with concept videos detailing on iPhone concepts. There is a new video which displays an iPhone 6 concept by Arthus Reis.

The design portrayed in the video is pretty much derived from the iPad mini and looks viscerally appealing. Whether Apple goes for such a concept is another thing, but the dream specs shown here are worth a mention.

The concept video shows an iPhone 6 with a camera sensor that it at least 20% larger and has a 12 MP camera. The screen is a 4.4 inch Full HD sapphire screen. There is also a capacitive home button too. The design is thinner and lighter than previous version and employs a metal chassis.

Apart from this, there is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and Apple A7X processor. The processor has a two times faster GPU. The concept video depicts better speakers and a long time battery that runs for 20 hours even while using LTE.

Whether Apple actually goes for such features in 2014 is pretty speculative at this point. However, compliments should be given on the encapsulation of the aforementioned features in the concept video.


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