This Is How You Can See All Apps Installed On Your iOS 7 Device

When you’ve installed multiple apps on your iDevice, it can be easy to lose track of all the installations. However, the Spotlight search offers you to search all the apps inside. This post is about how to list each app that was installed on your device, and the folders they are in, on the spotlight search area.

First you have to configure the spotlight search area by heading over to Settings – General – Spotlight

This type of organization will also make the Spotlight area feel less cluttered. After the configuration, you can launch the spotlight search area with a downward swipe on the Springboard, insert a character or a symbol in a search bar to see the list of all apps installed on the device. It will also show the folders if apps are installed inside one, and the name of the designated folder will also be displayed on the right.
This is perhaps the fastest way to see what’s installed on your device and remove such much needed bloatware or apps that you no longer use.


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