This Is The Best Concept For OS X Messaging App By Far

You might know that the Messages apps in OS X Mavericks is not the best offering from Apple, with the only integration of iMessage as a noticeable feature. Denis Pakhaliuk however has made a new concept that would be a blessing in disguise, if it becomes a reality.

Check out the flatter windows buttons, and the chat interface:
The syncing of iMessage contacts would be a welcome if it’s possible from the Address Book, just like it’s possible on the new Facebook messenger. The user can contact people not on the friend list. Translucency and smart colors would be another biggie.
As a matter of fact, this concept is much better than the original Messages Mac app. Also, Apple’s offering doesn't allow sync between filters, devices, media uploads and status indicator, but this concept imagines everything.

And finally, I absolutely adore how this concepts adopts the Mac OS X desktop color scheme. Smart colors, indeed!
Additional renderings are available at so do check them out and come back here to join us in comments.


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