The iPhone is the most searched for tech items in 2013

Apple has already achieved a major feat by becoming the number 1 brand in the world, and now the fruit company has another feat to be proud of. 

The latest list released by Yahoo for the top searched items of 2013 reveals that in the niche of technology, Apple is number one again.

The iPhone took the first place when it comes to post searches, and the iPad had the fourth place and the iPod was on 8th. The iPhone was the second more searched subject, the iPad search results were greater than Xbox One and PS4 and iPod was above Lumia, but just a little below BlackBerry.

The full list includes:
1. Apple iPhone
2. Amazon Kindle
3. Samsung Galaxy
4. Apple iPad
5. Sony PlayStation 4
6. Microsoft Xbox One
7. BlackBerry
8. Apple iPod
9. Nokia Lumia
10. Sony Xperia
Apart from the most searched list, Yahoo also released the top obsessions list for 2013.

And in another list which had Royal Baby, Breaking Bad and Miley Cyrus, the tech entry that made way was King’s popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga.

What do you think? A well-deserved number 1 spot?

(via DailyStar)


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