Thai Man Died After Electrocuted By Charging iPhone

As long as I love the iPhone, I keep hearing some wired things and I've seen a lot of people died while they are charging their devices. Today we've got a new story to cover, but this time it is in Asia/Thailand. A 28 year-old man was reportedly killed while using an iPhone 4s, which was believed to be charging using an unauthorized third-party charger.
According to a new report from Thai language news outlet Daily News Thailand, on Monday, police in the Rayong province found an unnamed man lying on the floor of his home holding a burnt iPhone 4S in his left hand (As shown in the picture above). 

MacRumors has a rough translation of the report:
“Local police found that the smartphone was still connected to a charger in a nearby power outlet, indicating that the victim had likely been talking on the phone while charging it at the same time.

Photographs taken of the charger show a blue model different from the standard white ones that Apple includes with every iPhone, suggesting that it was a cheaply made fake
Guess what ? This is not the first time we hear something like this. This is the third time in the last 6 months that an iPhone has been a factor in a fatal or near-fatal electrocution. A Chinese flight attendant died back in July after she was reportedly electrocuted by her charging iPhone 4.

So why this happens ? Probably you know China is the number one country where you can find cheaply made fake iPhones, so that's mean they are not well made and they cause death. 

I ask Apple to start investigation in these serious problems and close any fake stores in China or in Asia at all. 

So have you died before while you are charging your iPhone ? Just kidding :)  


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