Screen Retention Evident In Early iPad mini Retina Units

An uninformed portion of iPad mini with Retina display has been reported as having problems with screen retention, as reported by some users. ETNews, the Korean source, blamed this problem on the IGZO Retina panels made by Sharp, which led Apple to turn to Samsung Display with 7.9 Retina screens for 2014.

Macro Arment, who created Instapaper, also revealed that the problem was also on 15-inch MacBook pros. He also posted a Retina iPad mini with the problem on his blog. The issue resulted after he performed a simple test that led to a checkerboard pattern on the iPad screen for a while.

He said:
“If the LCD panel has an image retention issue, a faint impression of the checkerboard will still be visible on the solid gray image, usually fading over the next few minutes”.
Even you can carry out the test through the test page published by Arment. You just have to leave the checkerboard pattern open for 10-15 minutes before you switch to a gray display.

Sharp was responsible for 40% Retina orders for iPad mini, and the rest were from LG Display. Early buyers may have second thoughts because of the problem, and some may even decide to purchase later when Samsung Retinas hit the stores.

Does your device suffer from image retention? Feel free to leave comments. 


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