Samsung plans folding screens and 4K smartphones for 2015

The race among smartphone companies leverages on technology. Samsung has recently spoken on news technologies that it offer to intend to its users.

Apple has already taken in a lead in the display technology with its Retina display. However, Samsung hopes to bring 4K resolution display to its smartphones by 2015. The numbers of pixels in a 4K display are a spectacular 3,840 by 2,160. This can only be seen in ultra HD TV sets. The current retina display in iPad is an impressive 2,048 by 1,536, so Samsung’s 4K would provide an interesting competition.

Samsung is also in the process of developing 560 ppi AMOLED panels which are expected to be unveiled early next year.

Another advancement offered by Samsung is foldable mobile displays which would have twice as many pixels. The timeline has been slated for 2015. Previously, the company had predicted bendable displays in 2013, but the commercialization process and technology barriers have restricted the early development.
When it comes to the mobile screen maker market, Samsung definitely takes the lead. This can be seen from its AMOLED panel sales which would amount to 500 million by the end of 2013. Samsung is banking on its strong displays to make an entry in the wearable device market. These would feature the AMOLED panels and would also provide Samsung to cultivate the education market.

Samsung has already launched a Galaxy Round smartphone which features a curved edge. While nothing too extraordinary, this launch is Samsung’s way of showing its technological prowess.
Speaking of competition, Apple is also no stranger to the talk of foldable and curved displays. Apple has been researching wearable devise that would have curved display.

The much talked about iWatch project may also have such a display.

The way Samsung would have it, 4K smartphones and bendable screens would be the buzzword in 2015.


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