Remote App’s New Icon Now Appears In App Store

We reported several days ago that a new icon for Apple’s Remote app was spotted in the latest version of iTunes. This hinted that the app is going to be redesigned for iOS 7, but that hasn’t happened so far. 

But looks like we’re getting there, as there is more evidence showing that an update is one the day. The similar looking Remote icon, new off course, made way on the ‘Designed for iOS 7’ category in the App Store (Columbian).

The icon was first spotted by MacRumors, who suggest that the promo was only visible occasionally on the App Store in Columbia. But after the same icon had appeared before, it does look like it’s a sign of an iOS 7 redesign.

For those who don’t know, iDevice owners can utilize the Remote app to control the library for iTunes and Apple TV. It is just the last of the apps that are yet to be updated for iOS 7.

Some other apps that are yet to receive updates are iBooks, iTunes U and Find My Friends.

The Remote app is a free of charge download on the App Store. Let’s see when it gets updated.

(via MacRumors)


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